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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Two Similar Souls: My Tribute to Max Chambers and Kyle Bowersox

I broke down crying last night and woke up with wet tears, unable to let go memories of the contagious laughs Max Chambers and Kyle Bowersox bestowed upon us. It’s tragic how we hold on to these unexpressed feelings and thoughts until it’s too late. All that we can do now is tenaciously hold on to those beautiful memories that only seem to shine brighter with everyday that goes by without them. Thank you for reminding us not to take this precious life of ours for granted, and how we need to make it our personal mission to soothe the aching hearts that surround us. Your timeless energy and impalpable passion for life will not only echo through the halls of Simpson and Lassiter long after you've been gone, but also resonate in the hearts of everyone that you’ve touched. I'm fighting back these tears so desperately with every sentence that I write only to be overwhelmed by feelings of bliss and my sudden new outlook on life. Your unconditional love towards humanity has enabled me, and many others to finally break loose and express these bottled-up emotions that we have kept inside us for so long. Max, you were an artistic genius in the making. Thank you for bringing so much life to to Spanish class by turning it into an improv comedy club starring you. I don't know how that crazy brain of yours was able to seesaw through so many different characters so consistently. You gave us a talent that gave us all something beautiful to look forward to everyday, as we could never get enough of you buddy. Kyle, I should have known you were a Marine all along. I think everyone can agree that you were just an old man trapped in a skinny, teenage body. There was always an air of profound wisdom that accompanied your bright smile, almost as if you had already been through all of life's highs and lows and was trying to show us the bigger purpose of life. And now, I suddenly can't help but express how my heart goes out to all those families who have had such precious souls taken away from them so prematurely. All I can do is relate and think of how my parents would feel to have a son, who they've sacrificed their entire lives for, be taken away from them in a blink of a second. It just melts my heart even more every time I think about it. I am faithful, however, that we as a community of mothers & fathers, sons & daughters, sisters & brothers, and lovers & friends will be able to come closer together now more than ever. We will learn from the life lessons that Max and Kyle gave us so naturally through their pure love for life. We will learn to take pleasure in the simpler things that life has to offer us. We will learn to complain less about what this life has offered us and make sure to give more than we get. If you pay close attention, you will be able to find love at every corner in your day-to-day life, and it's a shame that we're often so preoccupied by our own selfish motives to truly see it. If only I could write forever about the tremendous impact you two have had on people, even to those that you weren't aware of, I would. But I know that no words will do justice in the end. So I will end with three words that I have begun to say more often in recent days: I love you.

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