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Saturday, October 3, 2015


So I just finished reading 4 blog posts on how to find blog topics to write about and every single post just messed with my head even more than the previous one. I get the feeling that all these do's and don'ts that websites like these fill you up with leaves you feeling even more clueless. The fact that the web has gotten bombarded by these Buzzfeed-styled websites is quite disheartening to be honest. People's need for a TL;DR version of everything they read due to having the attention span of a goldfish makes finding good reads a taxing process. Additionally, I can't really hate on the content creators that mass produce these dull, "feel-good" websites. To find the catalyst behind such shameless output of mediocre content, all it takes is one look at your Facebook News Feed and counting the number of people that have shared Elite daily, Thought Catalog, and other brain-melting sites akin to these that make you want to stab a sorority girl who takes her "best big ever" motto too seriously. Sorry if that seems unnecessarily violent but that's what I think about doing every time I witness a person doing this kind of systematic damage to modern journalism.

Alright... let me take a step back as to not fully engage rant mode. With this only being my 3rd post, however, I must confess it feels good to be flushing out the toxins from my system. I strongly encourage you all y'all to try this medium of letting yourself loose. The good news is that the daunting writing process is especially easy in the beginning stage. I say this because I know that a lot of you sexy generation-y kids out there have cultivated strong opinions about various topics by now but have never had the opportunity to truly express them. Well, this is one good way of doing just that and I assure you that it only gets easier! I'm finding this outlet much more satisfying than endlessly browsing for that one post that "gets" you. I will admit that at times, I find it hard to resist the urge of becoming a zombie and chain-reading those "Top 15 ways to XYZ" sites for 3 hours straight. Eventually, however, especially if you're constantly reading those existential "what is life" posts (Yes, I'm sadly speaking from experience), you start losing grasp of your own beliefs and qualities that make you unique. You slowly begin to get filled up with the theories of these soul-sucking monsters that write such atrocities for a living.

Having only been 3 days since the day I started writing this blog, however, I've began to feel more in tune and at ease with myself than ever before. I also keep finding myself carefully taking notes of my immediate thoughts and actions (for blogging purposes) and realizing that I had been oblivious to certain character flaws that still need a lot of tweaking. However, since I'm still a newborn blogger, I'm going to greedily attempt to gain the appeal of the mass by doing this just once, I swear:

Top 10 reasons lists like these are stupid:


Actually I'll stop right here since I think you already know what I'm thinking (Someone out there has probably already posted this exact list).

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